otp challenge: [4/4] quotes

Look me in the eye and do it. Do it, you c o w a r d .

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ninadobrevWelcome to atlanta @itsmejessicaszohr , my new neighbor. There’s gonna be a lot of this happening. All day. Everyday. All the time. #laughlines #dont #Stop #packers? #JessicaLaughOutLoud.

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Sorry, what was that? I stopped paying attention at “our brother”.

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Human Katherine + pink&purple (requested by anon)

Rebekah Mikaelson, Crescent City.

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katherine pierce season 5 deleted scenes [3/3]

I Know What You Did… In The Last 100 Episodes (TVD Season 5 Blu-ray Extras)

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delena ABC:
↪ Fireplace

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